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We also accommodated topics highlighting the latest tech trends. We also offer sponsored guest post opportunities for companies who like to increase their online presence by supporting great content. However, we do not allow any advertisements — rather, we provide a way for you to add a link or a source. Of course, there are some requirements that need to be met regarding the quality and content of the posts that will be added to SG (SecurityGladiators.com). They should have no grammatical errors or misspellings, while they need to be directly related to online security.

Once uploaded, let us know and we will get on it as soon as possible! The format for usernames should be either First name and surname or full company or business name. Usernames that do not clearly identify an entity correctly will be removed. All articles submitted to us are subject to quality checks.

Rather than writing “ finding your voice as a women in the workplace” instead right “how to speak up as a women in a male-dominated security team”. Tips and Tricks — Hacks that you can share with our readers. In-depth Articles — A formal article for audiences who are into business or corporate sectors. The onus of giving proper credits to the references will lie with the writer.

Unnatural outbound links will be taken down immediately. Our obligation is to follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. English-language guest blog pieces only of the highest caliber are accepted. To offer more value, an article should be properly formatted with headers, subheadings, photos, graphs, tables, etc.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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A 1 to 2 paragraph abstract must be submitted for approval. Your abstract must be a high level summary of what the article will be about. Did you find the article informative and interesting? The article should be able to grab the attention of the reader. The content should include sufficient facts and figures which are valid. Avoid using highly complicated words that require the audience to open the dictionary.

On another note, please bear in mind that we prefer straightforward content with a conversational tone. To the uninformed writer, 800 words about tech may seem like a lot. But to people like us who are well-versed with the digital sphere, the word count is just enough for digestible and helpful information.

Security Forward is an online resource on Security Industry news, opinions, Insights and trends. It aims to disseminate the latest information geared for entrepreneurs, organizations, high net-worth individuals and chief stakeholders. Opinions — If you have a point of view on a specific topic that can back up with a research study and statistics.

But before that happens we need to make sure that your talent & skills are compatible with our vision & website. To make sure that you are right for us, please take a look below at our guidelines for guest posting. These guidelines aren’t just what we want our writers to be but also the blueprint for the type of content that our readers prefer. A contextual link is a text that can be clicked on that is enclosed in other text in the content.

Our editorial team will review the article and holds the right to make minor edits to it. We appreciate your interest in contributing to our website. You can create a piece of writing related to the categories. Your content should be matched with our given content to make internal linking easy.

Chris has been widely published as an independent author on security related issues. This series recognises women in advancing leadership roles nationally and internationally, in areas such as academia, operational, technology, critical infrastructure, industry and government. Whether you want to contribute hard news, investigative journalism or light-hearted pieces, the most important thing is clear writing and a compelling human perspective. Serious topics need to be tackled in such a way as to keep the reader interested. Use images that will really helpful for the readers to understand the article.

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