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We value integrity as well as professionalism in our blog site. Our writers should be well disciplined in this area. We would like you to write on any of the below topics as our reader base look for interesting and useful articles on the following niche. To whom is looking to write articles related to gardening?

Garden Culture is a magazine and blog by growers for growers. With consistently fresh and current content online, we have a large readership, and our magazine distributes in eight countries on three continents. We receive many inquiries every day, so make your article idea stand out while adhering to the above guidelines.

All topics about gardening and planting are accepted. That is why we would like to accept gardening guest posts. You can start writing for us right away and send the article here. That’s why we encourage our writers to write topics.

Also, to standardize the content length on our platform, we have set the word count of articles to be 1000 words. All you need to be is a writer and follow the guidelines given here to create and publish your guest post here. Share your gardening and landscaping tips, product and service reviews, or horticulture and agriculture news with our readers as one of our contributing writers. This website is all about garden, so your articles should center upon topics related to plants, garden design, recipes that use ingredients from gardens, to name but a few. We always welcome exceptional writers who are eager to share their passion, experiences and creative tips for gardening. You can add more value to Swipe Garden.

This is the main part of the article that gives required information and at the same time keeps the reader engaged. Divide the body of the article in small sections as one large paragraph is always quite overwhelming and most of the readers tend to avoid that. Keep the content crisp, to the point and engaging. Have you been looking for a High authority website to submit a guest post? If yes, Write for us – barbaraiweins is your best chooice.

You cannot figure out what your input should revolve around. Check out the list below for ideas.Plants and flowers to grow for your garden. Our mission is to convey the right and creative knowledge regarding gardening to our readers. Whether you love flowers, fruits, veggies, herbs, or all of the above, follow our step-by-step guides to growing them organically in the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested to resell ECOgardener products, please complete the Wholesale Application Formand a team member will contact you. Do not forget to add a CONCLUSION at the end of the content. Use the primary keyword maintaining proper keyword density. Make sure you use it in the first 100 words and the last 100 words of the content.


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Adding links, pictures, and videos to your article will increase its credibility. However, the sources that you will add must be credible and legally allowed to be shared. If you feel that you need to tell the world about a gardening trick or secrets that you know. Feel free to write for us and share your knowledge of gardening around the world.

Read a few of our articles to understand our writing style. An in-depth profile of a single plant species or cultivar, including a personal perspective on why it’s a favored plant. Print & cut out these plant forms, then arrange them over a photo of your garden bed to find the perfect design layout. Immediately improve your landscape layering skills. Get my easy 8-step layering process, the “Master the Mixed Border” checklist & a printable planting pyramid; all for free.

Fill the form below to submit the Guest Post request. Main keyword in the introduction and end of the article. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problems in the shortest time. If you make a purchase through any links on this website, we may get a commission. This does not cost you any more money. Thank you for taking the time to consider writing for us!

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