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Suggestions for multimedia elements, including photographs, illustrations and infographics, are welcome. Click here for more detail on topics of interest for 2022. All payments are made via PayPal on the 7th of the month, so you must provide us with your PayPal email address in order to get paid. All submissions should be single-spaced, Microsoft Word (doc/docx) attached to an email and not pasted into the message body. Enviro Green Bloggers and Writers Write For Us Are you an aspiring writer?


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Writers contributing to the Sustainable Review community are welcome to insert a YouTube video into the article when it is relevant to the content. YouTube videos are a great way to better connect with readers and can improve the quality of a post. Green Action News is a resource for people who desire to create positive change for the environment.

Do you have creative ideas about the environment and improving an eco-friendly lifestyle? So, be creative and convert your ideas into text; this will benefit you in many ways. But are you still thinking about what to do next after writing the content? Try not to overuse easy umbrella terms like climate change, eco-friendly, sustainability, etc. As a writer, it is a good challenge to mix up your vocabulary throughout a piece.

Submissions will be assessed on the basis of how well they adhere to the formats outlined below. While we review all submissions, not every submission will be published. This email address belongs to our editorial team so that the guest post author can use the email mentioned above for doubts and queries. Don’t forget to include a biography with your submission. Climate Change– Covers topics relating to water pollution, green house gas, climate change news, oceanic news and discoveries.

Articles are published permanently but small updates may be done to them. As a potential contributor, we encourage you to use it knowing that you’ll assume the role of verifying all facts in your piece before submitting it. The write-up should contain information that has valuable knowledge related to the environment, and readers can get some helpful and informative details and insight from it.

We are already active on the internet platform to give differential and daily news updates to our readers from worldwide. You can include links in your guest article, just as long as they are relevant and useful to the reader. Please email us if you have any questions about our linking policy. While the weekly forecaster is future oriented, the backgrounder concerns itself mostly with the past. These articles aim to inform the reader about the historical processes behind contemporary headlines, whether in the form of past conflicts, important actors, or socioeconomic influences.

Our platform is the home of thousands of readers, so the articles posted on our website will naturally attract more readers and multiply further. The guest post contributors can generate their backlinks, which helps to get more Google ranking and impressions. Thus, the guest post writers have to set the value at 5 to 7 percent. Sustainable Development Goals – Posts about climate change, sustainability, and eco-friendly living. We accept guest post articles only after confirming their grammar score of more than 99%. All the articles must be fully free from grammar errors.

We are committed to delivering accurate and reliable coverage of environmental issues and the efforts of activists around the world while building community among eco-minded people. We do have a few rules and guidelines when it comes to guest posting. The first and most important rule is that your article has to be top quality.

Link to your merchandise or website to increase traffic and SEO. Contributors to a website are free to create their writing schedules. The authors’ ability to contribute write-ups may improve due to this development. Doing original research and produce content-based and collaborative study requires passion. You do not have to be qualified or have specialized abilities to use our website.

We are really strict about meeting the deadlines so you need to be really committed about providing the articles well in time. Your article will then be scanned by our review committee for quality and the way you engage the readers. Using a captivating opening statement within the first couple of sentences is critical in keeping a reader interested. This means writers must focus on making an article’s first paragraph excellent.

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