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This, of course, requires that you have the time to write a proper article for us. The guest post team provides high-ranking keywords to attract more audiences. Article Posted – Article published on the blog as well as shared on social media profiles. FootyStats was created with one aim in mind, providing football fans with the most up-to-date and comprehensive football statistics data all built with the love of the game.

If you are a football enthusiast with something to say, feel free to get in contact. We welcome a wide variety of writers to our blog who can contribute any information that our readers will be interested in. This could mean a write up on the latest Premier League football results or tactical insights of your favourite team etc. We are also looking for specialists to give quality information that could help improve grassroots football. The roles are not exclusive and you can cover a mixture of clubs and topics if you want. During the summer, as there are no premier league matches being played, we concentrate our efforts on transfer and contract news, as well as general interest pieces.

Upon the years we have become a well-respected fansite that caters all levels of FM gamers; from beginners to experienced users. Business owners who already have businesses can try writing under different topics and niches. Contents copied from other sources or already shared contents are not acceptable.

Football fans need valuable Football information and insights– a football webpage that can be bookmarked and made reference to in the future and possibly forever. For new writers, we do our best to offer advice on style, grammar, and research, if and where required. We have done so for many writers who have contributed to the site while trying to break into the industry or studying for a relevant qualification. Simply paste the URL of the Instagram post in the textbox above, and drag the “Instagram post” into your article. Simply paste the URL of the Facebook post in the textbox above, and drag the “Facebook post” into your article. You only need to add this if the poll is an additional aspect to the article itself.


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Scrolling down the post, you will learn conditions for new enthusiasts to connect with the Football Write for Us guest post platform. In our over 10 years online, we have platformed hundreds of writers who have gone on to write books, feature on some of the biggest platforms in the world or contribute to the most popular podcasts. So if you think you can contribute and be a part of the OOTB team, email us ’ll respond within one week.

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