Wedding Website Wording Tips: How to Write Your About Us Story

While we leave no stone unturned to bring to you the best of the wedding ideas and inspirations, we would love to have you contribute to the cause. Copy-pasted content from other websites will not be published. We will not publish your article if we find that it is plagiarized.

The articles can be about wedding tips, wedding idea, DIY projects for wedding, and many more as long as they are wedding related. After success of our fashion related blog submission and lovely contributors by our fashion bloggers. We have 5000 weekly readers on our fashion category and receiving many pitches related to wedding contribution. has paid opportunities starting at $99. For details, please visit our Sponsored Guest Post Guidelines page. Also, please refrain from using words or sentences that convey any type of bias or sweeping generalizations. Justify your claims in an article by citing and linking to recent studies, research, or surveys . Ensure good use of spacing, styling (bold, italics…), imagery/videos, proper titles, subheaders, and section heads that drive the user to think – “I want to know more”.

That being said, our posts range from how-to guides, reviews, advice, and even opinion pieces on a wide variety of wedding topics. High Quality- What we mean with high quality here is your article is credible, well-structured, and error-free. Well-structured means it is written in neat structure from opening-content-closing. Error-free means it is free from grammatical or spelling error.

If you have published the copyrighted content on our website from other sources, then you’ll be deemed to bear the consequences. So kindly give us genuine content which may appeal our readers. The third person can feel a bit cringey if you’re overly romantic (we all know it’s you who’s written it!) so only use this if you can add some humour.

Link trade article types written by wedding vendors or other types of businesses. We only accept non-commercial focused articles purely for the benefit of our readers and not to sell things to them. We accept guest posts in the form of guides, tutorials or entertainment, that will inspire our readers on how to plan their own Nigerian weddings. If you’d like to submit an advert-type article, we have a special section of this blog for that – click here to submit it as a sponsored post instead. Wedding Engage believe that information and knowledge is valuable aspect in wedding, that’s why we post quality contents about wedding in this blog. We accept submission of original and inspiring articles from guest bloggers and expert writers to be posted in this blog.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Your content should be something you yourself would enjoy reading. If we choose to publish your post, we will email you within one week with estimated publication date and link to post for your review. Write your content using the “second person point of view,” using “you” to write directly to our audience. Ready to fill out the rest of your wedding website sections? Check out some more wedding website wording examples on the blog.

Make sure you include any relevant images, infographics, or videos in your article. While it’s totally okay (and encouraged!) to inject some personality and humor into your About Us story, avoid using too many inside jokes. Currently, we do not pay monetarily to guest bloggers on The Pearl Source. We do, however, allow you to include backlinks to your website and/or blog. And, with the amount of traffic we get to our blog, that’s of great value for you.

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