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Your article or blog post should have information, meta title, and description. If you have a passion to create striking content, then go ahead with it. Provides you an opportunity to establish your authority in the niche of link-building and digital marketing.

Any photos you provide, including your header image, must be original or fair use, with attribution to the source. We may alter the image if the information is excellent but the image is not… However, we are much more inclined to dismiss the piece as a whole.

We’ll probably pass on your article if we don’t think it’s closely related enough to another article or if it’s too similar to another article. Another key benefit of social media marketing is the growth of user-generated content. Therefore, this might include “likes”, comments, product reviews, ratings, and so on.


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So every writer aspires to target an audience of that proportion and status. We love Infographics, please submit Social Media related Infographics only! If you have Infographics on different topics, submit to our friend’s website for free.

The first criteria to assess your article is the expertise and authority of the author and the quality of the written piece. How-to’s, listicles, and educational articles supported by relevant research are preferred. We are experts in HubSpot and inbound marketing, Diamond partners with HubSpot and members of the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council.

Mention aims to trace the patterns of the web by constant monitoring and listening to the target audience to know the demands. They focus on managing social media as an effective marketing and promotional tool for various enterprises and brands. Technology constantly updates itself and so does social media which encompasses everything, especially businesses. Hence, the role played by social media can be very powerful to promote a new product or business. Hence, to boost any enterprise, using tools to increase social media involvement and hence sales is crucial. We just aim our writers to bring fresh topics and publish their unique perspectives on those topics.

Share your ideas and insights with hundreds and thousands of marketing professionals around the world. Our articles offer businesses and agencies best practices forFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram. All links and anchor texts should be relevant and contextual. If you’re sourcing statistics, make sure it’s to the primary/original study and not a round-up report or article using the data. We are open to receiving these topics in both B2B and B2C context but we give first preference to the former. B2B Marketing provides a host of services from partnerships to guides to workshops and training for leadership, diversity in industries and marketing, etc.

Our editors love write-ups that answer FAQs or numbered lists of tips/ reasons/ tactics. If detected, we won’t publish your guest post. “Is my article motivating and educational?” All of the articles on this site are informative and instructive. We won’t read your content if it isn’t inspiring or instructive.

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