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In any case, the article or blog item should include two significant copyrighted images. Send us url to our old post and your link with keyword. You will get 1 dofollow backlink to your website for each article you submit. Many small businesses think that CRM software is just for multimillion dollar corporations, but CRM is one of the most important tools that a small business can implement. Jennifer Lund, Director of Marketing tells us why every small business needs a CRM.

If interested in submitting, fill out the form on this page. Your content submission needs to be thoroughly researched and well written. We are looking for content that adds value for the reader, either with tangible information, actionable guidance, or fresh perspectives. Content needs to be original and not republished from any other source.

ThinkAutomation should be the first website to feature your article. You may, however, reshare your article elsewhere at a later date – provided you link back to the original post on ThinkAutomation. We are looking for unique, inspirational, educational ideas which can engage readers. PAT RESEARCH is a leading provider of software and services selection, with a host of resources and services.


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Please note that you will have to pay only $20 for the guest posting. If we approve your article, we’ll schedule the post and give you a publication date. Please note that the final published piece will be subject to in-house editing. We’ll get back to you within 7 working days to let you know if your article will be published. Post must include 1 or more images that are relevant to content.

Content creators can opt for the following topics for their content. We don’t have any restricted number of blogs per author policy. This is no advertisement and please don’t write about your products, services as sales pitch. Our quality assurance team will double-check the content organization, specialist SEO, and link situation.

Secondly, make sure it’s about something new that wasn’t already covered by dozens of other sites and authors. We are looking for unique, inspiring ideas and topics that will engage our readers. Using recent and unique information in your article is also a key factor. ProProfs invites professionals excelling in customer support and experience to write insightful articles on Customer Support that add value to our readers. We have listed down simple guidelines that you need to follow when writing and submitting articles on Customer Support blogs for our website. Guest posting is very beneficial if you really want to increase brand visibility.

Guest Blogging is a great way of giving your valuable insight. Nevpro welcomes all Technical Bloggers, freelance bloggers to contribute their best of knowledge and experiences. Articles accepted for publication becomes the exclusive property of Predictive Analytics Today.

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