Simply Cease Oil Climate Activist Explains Why They Threw Soup On Van Gogh : Npr

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When I heard that the portray was unhurt, my response quickly shifted from “This is horrifying” to “This might be one of the best protest ever.” At least, it’s one I’ll be serious about for a very lengthy time to come. But the protesters hadn’t ruined van Gogh’s “Sunflowers.” The portray, enclosed by glass, was fully unhurt; the National Gallery later confirmed that only the body had been slightly damaged and that the protesters had been arrested. We’re nonetheless considering the thorny brilliance of throwing soup on Sunflowers. Earlier this yr, The Guardian reported that 5 protesters glued themselves to Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” They had also glued themselves to a special Van Gogh painting around that same time.

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Many fans appear pleased to miss the sneaky act, though, with other viewers taking to social media to share how Jonny is their favourite contestant. “Who is your favourite contestant from #IsItCake and why is it Jonny?” one joked. While many of the tweets in regards to the controversy questioned Manganello’s morality, others pointed out that what he did was truthful sport. If his actions had in reality been cheating, the show would’ve stepped in, argued one fan who also cited related behavior from other contestants.

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