Plastic Restraints Tactical Restraints

MAX-CUFF Single-Use Temporary Restraints. The MAX-CUFF Disposable Restraint is effective as an all function restraint for palms, legs, arms, leg to palms as a hobble, and may easily be hid. It is a troublesome nylon product, mild in weight and can be applied shortly. ; Xtreme Zip Ties provide the identical double locking operate however a single strap permits extra functions outside of law enforcement. Plasticuff handcuffs for Police and Law enforcement Use. Cobra Cuffs by Milspec Plastics, and Tri-Fold Restraints by ASP.

A traditional form of plastic handcuffs are cable ties, with both two interlocking straps, or a single cable tie around both wrists. More recently, plastics-manufacturing corporations have started to provide particular units comprising two interconnected straps as one item. These are typically injection moulded nylon gadgets, promoting for tens of cents each. The Monadnock double cuff features tasers legal in pa give an officer higher and faster management with the power to stabilize the topic after one cuff is in place. With two particular person cuffs quite than the standard single cuff provides additional control for controlling each wrists and forearms and ankles the Monadnock cuff features a regular size of 34″ (86.36cm) …

EASE OF CARRYING/CONCEALMENT- Plastic cable ties are normally carried in the hatband or looped over the officer’s belt. Multiple pairs of TUFF-TIES easily fit in the pocket, the cavity of the handcuff case, the glove field of the car, and so on. When carried in the pocket, TUFF-TIES is not going to turn out to be entangled. Undercover officers generally conceal the TUFF-TIES in the tops of their socks.

Double KeyCuff releases with a regular handcuff key. The newly designed connector has three holes in it to allow the officer most flexibility and ease of use. You can put a third KeyCuff by way of the middle gap if needed on your software. Each cuff can be used times underneath regular conditions. In addition; Cobra Cuffs reduces officer legal responsibility and is safer and more comfy for the prisoner compared to stiff nylon or metal cuffs.

The injection moulded open top plastic body is light-weight and the adjustable belt width system clips on simply with out eradicating all different responsibility gear, yet is s… ASP Tri-Fold pulls are strong and reusable. Tri-Fold pulls are compact, secure, simply removed and reusable. They permit fast, constructive utility of ASP Tri-Fold disposable r…

They are a light-weight and uniquely simple system that employs a patented polycarbonate locking block. The Tuff-Tie Transport Hobble is made of braided nylon wire with 2 strengthened polycarbonate locking blocks. Dual loop design for fast software round wrists. The cuff comes flat and may be “staged” for tactical use.

Tuff-Ties are an amazingly efficient different to cable ties. Tuff-Ties are made from braided nylon twine with a reinforced poly-carbonate locking block, they are very safe and nearly indestructible. Extremely compact, Tuff-Ties could be carried in your pocket or stashed within the backside of your handcuff case.

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