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We now have books in Walmart and Barnes and Noble, we’ve hit many bestseller lists, and books have been made into movies. I have loved working with authors and designers, and there are a few people at Hallmark Channel that I hope to be friends with forever. However, we had such a tiny team (until last February, I was the only full-time employee on the business) that it was a real strain. I have a lot of posts about specific chapters of my publishing experience sitting in drafts, and who knows…maybe they’ll stay there forever. You practically can see the actors and actresses who will bring your creation to life.

Congratulations Brynn on your new adventure – Lucky Authors. Best of luck and hopefully you will still be sending out these newsletters/posts from your blog page. I hired your husband to do an editing job for me last year; I was pretty pleased with the turnout. Again I’m excited for you both, and I don’t know where this will lead, but if you’re ever looking to expand your team, I would be happy to learn about voice-to-screen writing opportunities. Alternatively, using IMDB Pro, you can identify the movies in your genre and look up the PRODUCERS of those movies.

She is the original founder of Passion Flix, which turns romance novels into movies and series. What would the holidays be without a happily-ever-after romance? From Hallmark movies to bestselling books, this genre is wildly popular, with plenty of opportunity for aspiring and established writers. Much like Netflix, Hallmark doesn’t accept unsolicited script submissions, which means that you can’t just send in a screenplay for consideration.


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She also holds a Master of Arts in writing from Nova Southeastern University. Pugh’s work has been featured in several print publications, including the “Farquhar Forum,” “Go!Riverwalk” and “Foreword Magazine.” Assemble the letter, with the first paragraph consisting only of your one to two-line hook, your second the single paragraph summary or logline and the third as your bio. Step away for a few days, then return to polish and edit again.

“What you say in a letter you will not say in a WhatsApp, nor will you say it in a text message, nor will you necessarily say it in email,” says Cancian. “Because the letter itself…will compel you to write in another way. … There is a cultural memory of what a letter requires in our ability to convey what’s on our mind.” When trying to connect emotionally, don’t be scared to go all in. “I think the easiest way to talk about and uplift someone is to point to how they’ve impacted your life, how they’ve brought great days for you,” Taylor says. By offering your audience a window into your personal experience, you’re also giving them space to do the same.

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