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Sticking to reputable sites like Nickelodeon and CBBC is best as they offer a range of games that are suitable for a younger audience that features their favourite characters. These games are also often focused on learning a skill or explore a theme which is great for young children. You could also download free apps such as Lego apps or make use of systems like DS and 3DS to download free games which are great for younger kids. For younger children, there are plenty of games and apps to learn different skills from reading to engineering.

When you submit a guest post on sports, video gaming or online gaming, you will become a part of our guest contributor community. And, this is a great way to submit articles as and when possible for you. So, you can either join us as a regular contributor or submit guest posts on sports and gaming occasionally. And, if you are to become a regular contributor, you can submit as many articles as you wish to every month. However, make sure you follow the guidelines mentioned above to avoid having your articles rejected.

GrownGaming is always looking for talented writers to join the family – and we only expect you to write about what you enjoy. You are not limited to just writing about a specific topic. But, PC games, Console games, and mobile games are all acceptable and you can write related to any of them.

Furthermore, you include a backlink to your website to gain organic visitors to your website and blog. While not necessary, we reserve the right to let our editorial team edit articles to make them suitable for our platform. And, posts that include elements similar to a sales pitch will be rejected. No gossip/scandal articles are going to be published.

If you are eager to publish your guest post here, make sure that your content is following up with the detailed guidelines for guest posts. You can contact us at for submission of your blog post and also fill up contact form with mandatory details required.Make sure read the guidelines before submission. You can also contact us via filling the contact form on our contact page. We have a dedicated targeted gaming audience that can learn more from your expertise. If you are into games write for us and share your experiences. As a guest writer, you will also learn how to write for games in a better manner especially for targeted gaming audiences.

Email that sample, along with any other samples, to s with a little bit about yourself. If you join our team, your sample will be used as your first article on the site. Your blog post should be a minimum of 600 words and you can only add one of your link it that. Check back in the future for more updates to this page, as our needs change over time. For a list of our favorite stuff we’ve published, check the Best Of page. While we’re on the hunt for a wide variety of experiences, we’re especially looking for expertise in a few key areas.


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One thing that we can ensure you at this moment is that this blog is going to provide great SEO benefits for your blog or website also. Are you trying to find a gaming write for us blogs to write from some trustworthy site for promoting your digital game? Well if your answer is yes, then you’ve got landed on the proper page.

We are also able to compensate you for your hard work and work with you to bring your articles to as many people as possible. We believe that any modern writer on the web should be able to market as well as they can write, which is something we’d be more than happy to help you accomplish. Bear in mind that we are small, so there’s no guarantee your article will earn huge numbers. Cultured Vultures is primarily about building experience and giving advice, though our payouts only keep increasing YOY.

You’ll write on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, mobile, retro games – anything you wish . We would like you to write down the articles that you’d wish to be known for, to not fit within a predefined box that isn’t natural to you. Sign up and we’ll send you 3 companies hiring writers now. Plus, we’ll send more companies as we find and review them.

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